Once gem in the crown of the Arcadia brands, Topshop has closed its stores and lost its name to the online giant. ASOS has bought the business to run online. What does this mean for the fate of fashion bricks-and-mortar?
Billie Eilish premieres her raw, intimate documentary, The World’s A Little Blurry, skittishly stringing us along on the journey through her first years of fame. Directed by RJ Cutler who gave us a peak into the workings of American Vogue in The September Issue (2009), the documentary explores how a 13 year old, melancholic girl truly sees herself.
Just 18 months after its fanfare launch, Rihanna’s Fenty line has been dropped by parent company, LVMH, blaming mismatched price points and COVID-19. Surprisingly, the genderless sporty tailored separates created in the image of a world-famous popstar weren’t enough to ensure success.


Margaret Zhang recently took the helm of Vogue’s largest circulation publication, Vogue China, and is considered the perfect editor for the digital age from her blue hair to her cool fashion style.

Meghan Lynch reports. read on…

White shirt fever has been ingrained in our lives for as long as we can remember. The versatility of this piece of clothing is what makes it a star wardrobe staple.

Georgina Tarruella de Abadal reports. Read on…

Soaring rates of mental health caused by isolation due to COVID-19 are one more side effect of the global pandemic. Meanwhile suicide rates in Japan have made the government appoint an official to deal with loneliness.

Leyre Gonzalez reports. Read on…

The UK are currently ranked 3rd in the world with their ambitious vaccine program rollout but the main route out of lockdown limbo is down to us.

Lucy Anne Amdur reports. Read on…

Michelle Obama’s fashion legacy will be remembered as one that promotes American designers of all races and genders, most importantly giving priority to young promising designers.

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Severe cold weather caused Texan power grids to grind to a halt plunging many households in the second most populated state in the USA into cold, darkness.

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The top 10 shows from Paris Fashion Week - womens-wear Fall/Winter 2021-2022
Our intrepid fashion city rovers report back on notable collections from London Fashion Week 2021
Our intrepid fashion city rovers report back on notable collections from New York Fashion Week 2021
Our intrepid fashion city rovers report back on notable collections from Milan Fashion Week, Winter 2021


Dutch designer Ronald van der Kemp has always rooted himself in being the first sustainable 'demi couture' fashion brand. His 2021 collection offers a glimpse of fashion’s eco future.


The Importance of Not Being Idle - Van Der Kemp - Featured image
The 2021 menswear show season offered some gender blurring and confronted the dilemma of the two-faced man.


Rick Owens vs Casablanca Review - featured image
A new vision of escapism has entered fashion amidst the pandemic. Hedi Slimane’s fashion film “Teen Knight Poem” saw youthful models marching into a fashion fantasy fortress inspired by the French renaissance.


Designer, Daniel Roseberry proposes a six pack for women in a show that revealed the ideal lockdown gear to allow you to skip the gym but still get the physique.


Schiaperelli - The Earring Dress


Our regular contributors share their ways to keeping balanced and grounded in these challenging times.


Appreciating sunsets like this.
Simple things can bring the most peace.

Digital Drawing

I discovered digital drawing a few years back but learnt to love portrait drawing since quarantine started. When I draw, I enter another world feeling calm and good. As each drawing takes days to finish, I get a few hours a day not to think about anything and go into my own world of imagination.

Looking Up

Taking the time to look up.

Self Care Day

One of my favourite ways to wind down is to give myself a bit of a 'self care' day where I just let myself wind down with something like a sheet mask. I love taking time to do a bit of a skincare routine after a shower or before bed as the process is really relaxing and my skin always feels so lush afterwards.


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